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These Phoenix all-stars have been chosen to represent our program not only for their academic achievements, but for the hard work and motivation displayed in extracurriculars and their pursuit of interests.


Name: Savannah Bell

Grade level: 9th

Middle School: Western Rockingham 

Lives in: Stoneville 

Program of study: Technology and Engineering 

Extracurricular: McMichael marching band and competitive dance 

Interests: robotics

Plans after high school: attending a four year state college

What do you like about stem: "I like all of the people and how different the classes are, it's not just sitting down at a desk it's a bunch of fun projects".

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Savannah Bell 

Luis Flores

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Luis flores

Name: Luis Flores

Grade level: 9th

Middle School: Western Rockingham

Lives in: Madison

Program of study: Technology and Engineering

Interests: mountain biking

Plans after high school: enlisting in the Marines

What do you like about stem: “how different it is, it's technically challenging and way different than your typical classes”.

Brie Lester

Brie Lester

Name: Jared Pruitt 

Grade level: 10th

Middle School: Western Rockingham

Lives in: Mayodan

Program of study: Technology and Engineering

Extracurricular: robotics, TSA, church activities 

Interests: robotics and architecture 

Plans after high school: four years at NC State for a degree in architecture

What do you like about stem: “meeting new people and solving problems together".


Pictures coming


Jared Pruitt

Pictures coming


Brie Lester

Name: Brie  Lester 

Grade level: 10th

Middle School: Western Rockingham

Lives in: Stoneville

Program of study: Technology and Engineering

Extracurricular: Marching band and Track

Interests: Design and sports, anything creative

Plans after high school: NC state degree in Architecture and competing in track events 

What do you like about stem: “it keeps you moving, your not just sitting in one class all day" 


Name: Amelia Bullins

Grade level: 11th

Middle School: Bethany Community Middle

Lives in: Stoneville

Program of study: Technology and Engineering

Extracurricular: TSA, Beta club, SADD club, National honors society, marching band, concert band, and jazz band

Interests: Graphic design, product design, and engineering 

Plans after high school: Going to college for a degree in Graphic Design, after college I'd like to pursue a career in graphic/product design and own my own business 

What do you like about stem: “The STEM academy at McMichael opens up opportunity beyond the classroom. It gives you skills and knowledge about engineering and design that a regular classroom would not. In a “STEM classroom” you don’t sit for an hour and a half taking notes then testing your knowledge, you’re learning skills and given a project to show how you apply your knowledge. STEM also gives you a look into what real world problems and solutions will be like, and take field trips to places like an Architecture Firm, NC State, and the Bayer Bee Care Center. Without STEM I wouldn’t have this much knowledge about so many different topics and have this much opportunity to achieve something great".

Amelia Bullins

Kennedy Brandel

Name: Kennedy Brandel

Grade level: 11th

Middle School attended: Western Rockingham 

Lives in:  Mayodan

Program of study: Both

Extracurriculars: VEX Robotics/TSA (9th grade: theatre)

Interests: Science and Mechanical Engineering

Plans after high school: attend NC State or Western Carolina

What do you like about stem: "Stem has given me many opportunities to travel and meet new people, without STEM this wouldn't have been feasible. I love how close the STEM academy is as a whole. We're like a little family. Spending time together is always interesting and I always walk away feeling like I've learned something new. Some of my greatest adventures have been because of  the STEM academy"


Ryan Edrington

Name: Ryan Edrington 

Grade level: 12th

Middle School: Western Rockingham 

Lives in: Stoneville

Program of study: Technology and Engineering 

Extracurricular: Marching band (2017 drum major), Concert Band (saxophonist), Jazz band (Saxophonist), Beta club, Friends of Rachel club 

Interests: Sustainable energy and Engineering

Plans after high school: Attend Appalachian state to pursue a four year degree in sustainable technology. After college I would like to pursue a professional career in alternative energy and engineering practice 

What do you like about stem: “The STEM Academy at McMichael High school has offered me multiple opportunities in my education that I would not have had in a regular classroom setting. The STEM Academy places special importance on “hands on learning” and ensures not only a quality education but also an engaging and friendly class atmosphere. Through the STEM Academy I have been able to explore the various types of science and engineering to better help prepare me for my future. I have loved all four years of my Phoenix STEM experience and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to all students and friends who show interest in science, technology, engineering, or math"

The following is a letter written by a 10th grade Phoenix STEM Academy student to 8th graders who are thinking about applying.

Dear 8th Graders,


     Today, you are faced with a decision, a decision that will shape and guide your life from this moment on. The choice you are faced with is more than just about high school, these decisions you make now will affect your college options, job opportunities, what friends you will make, and much more . However you are not alone, there are people around you who want you to succeed, to set you up on a path that will take you to a great future.

     I am here to tell you about my experience with the STEM program, one of the options you have available to you.. While my perspective is bias and you must consider anything I tell you to be bias, remember I have no reason to lie to you. Sadly, some of you will not choose this program, some will choose this program and fail, and some will choose this program and succeed. The STEM program will give you an education that will set you up for success. You will take classes that you enjoy, but you will also take classes that you won't enjoy. However, after all is said and done you will look back and be glad. For when you sat through that class hating every minute of it, you did two things. First, you built character, knowing that sometimes you have to do things you don't like, a lesson many never learn. Second, you will learn something that you didn't know before, and you will be better for having done so. The STEM program is centered around 4 subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (if you did not get that already you probably shouldn't be choosing this program). In the STEM program you will take classes that will set you up for success in a world that is steadily becoming more and more focused around technology. You will take advanced math and science classes or engineering and technology based classes that will set you up for college and your future job. You will be pushed hard, and you will have to do some work that can sometimes seems impossible to complete. You might stay after school one day or skip lunch to get some extra time on a project but when you finish it you’ll have accomplished a task that regular students couldn’t imagine. In the end, you will have succeeded and failed, learning more than you thought possible about yourself and the subjects you are being taught. No matter what happens there will always be a teacher there to guide you in the right direction.

     Why should you choose the STEM program? Well, each individual will tell you something different, for me; awesome teachers, advanced math classes, and cool projects seal the deal. Others love the robots and technical drawings. maybe you will love the drafting and 3D printing. The STEM program is hard, fun, and will set you up for success with applicable skills and knowledge. However, you will work hard and you will do your best work or you will not stay in the STEM program. Being in the STEM program is a privilege and sadly that privilege can be taken away. We don't want everyone. Some of you just aren't right for this program, however if you have what it takes then you will shine in this program. You have a choice to make, choose wisely.

McMichael High School • 6845 NC HWY 135 • Mayodan, NC 27027  336-427-5165


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